It’s possible that those familiar with our blog may have read about our platform, Flex. We know, to the people at home or in the crowd, it keeps coming up anyhow. Don’t be coy, avoid, or make void of the topic, because that simply will not stop it. So, again, let’s talk about Flex, baby! Let’s talk about all the good things that are to be!

See, when customers and businesses love each other… Joking aside, what is Flex anyway?

Flex is a unique, multi-channel VoIP platform with the ability to seamlessly handle team chat, business texts, MMS, web chat, and soon to be social media messages. With the easy-to-use back-end, administrators have team communication analytics, call and message history, and customizable reports at their fingertips. Business communication with Flex surpasses basic business calling and texting, by handling multiple channels simultaneously as a team. Don’t be mad, sad, or feeling bad about the things your business has never had! Believe me, you, it’s as good as true, every business should have Flex!

The Run-Down on VoIP

There is no need to be intimidated by VoIP (also known as “cloud phones” or a “hosted phone system”). It simply means that phone calls and messages run over an internet connection rather than traditional phone lines. The whole phone system lives in the cloud, with no need for in-office equipment (outside of optional desk-phones). With VoIP, users experience quality calls, features, texts, and chats on any device, from anywhere 4G or Wi-fi is available. No need to be tied to a desk.

Looking to convert your office to VoIP? Vonix provides a free VoIP network test to help indicate if a location’s network strength is compatible with an internet-based system.

What is the difference between SMS and MMS for business?

Flex supports both SMS and MMS messaging. So what’s the difference? SMS, or “short message service,” simply means the message content is limited to alphabetical characters and grammatical punctuation. MMS, “multimedia message service,” means that the message contains photos, videos, or audio files. Through access to your photo libraries and phone’s camera, users can easily share MMS files via text with their business number. Flex users can send and receive media files without downloads or email attachments!

Somebody’s Gettin’ On My Nerves

Let’s take Spinderella for example, the CEO of the successful production company, Salt-n-Pepa. She often finds herself carrying around more than one device, just to keep her personal and work conversations separate. Fortunately, she discovers Flex. No long-term commitments (aka: no contracts), only what she needs, when she needs it.

Spinderella and her team enter a new realm of productivity and more efficient customer management through Flex’s simple, well-organized app. Any ‘hit’ to her business (phone, text, web chat, social media) comes through on Flex.

After a week of having Flex, Spinderella takes a break to research an upcoming project. While online, she sees a channel message from her colleague, Cheryl, about a potential client. After posting in the team channel that she will handle the client, Cheryl transfers a text conversation with the lead to her, and Spinderella seamlessly takes over.

Just then, another client messages the main business number. It comes into the conversation queue for the whole team to see. Sandra takes the message from the queue only to realize that it is already her lunch break. She returns it to the queue for someone else to pick up.

With Flex, messages can be handled just like voice calls. They can be transferred, queued, and directed to the right person or department like an auto attendant. The customer hooks up with the right team member on their channel of choice.

Spinderella finishes up her sales conversation when she notices Sandra’s inactivity. After handling the client in the queue, Spinderella investigates the Reports & Analytics to see what Sandra’s been up to. She wasn’t shy, so she looked at all the digits. Sandra was pushin’ it. Fortunately, Spinderella has access to every bit of call and message history to see just what is going on.

After checking the productivity reports, Spinderella sends a direct message to Sandra:

“Sandra, I’ve noticed that there was some significant inactivity from you this week. You called a client a ‘She Thing’. Here you go, here you go, here you go again. Girl, this is your weakness. When you underestimate the recs, oh yeah, you’re a fool. We need to have a conversation about what needs to change.”

On the private channel, Spinderella receives a response from Sandra. The message reads, “What’s the matter with your life? Why have you got to mess with mine? Do not keep sweatin’ what I do. I’m gonna be just fine…”

Unfortunately, that was the nail in the coffin for Sandra. She just couldn’t get it together. But thanks to Flex, Spinderella had all the info she needed to make a clean break.

It didn’t take much. Spinderella had it all; analytics, calls, texts, team messaging, and live web chats coming and going. She even caught a live web chat with a new lead named Hurby who asked, “Can’t you hear the music pumping hard?” Cheryl was on it and sent an audio file to him with their hit song, “Somebody’s Gettin’ On My Nerves.” Impressed, Hurby signed on the dotted line. Whatta man!

The moral of this tale? The Flex solution gives businesses what they need, all in one place. The communication formula is simple. Good vibes between your business and your customers starts with Flex. No convolutions, just Flex, followed next with a talk and a text, “Your service is dope!”

Thanks for having the talk with us.

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