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Modern phone solutions with smarter features designed for the food and beverage industry.

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The way people eat out is changing faster than ever. Your phones need to be able to keep up with increased demand to place to-go orders, get information, or make reservations.

It’s time to update your traditional phone system to cloud based office phones for food service businesses. Access smarter features like call auto attendant, unlimited lines, business texting, and real time analytics to work smarter and earn more business.

Reliable Phones

Choose digital cloud calling to get clearer calls, more reliable service, and better features.

Unlimited Lines

Never lose a customer to a busy signal again. Enjoy unlimited phone lines and customized hold music or messages.

IVR Systems

Help customers faster by routing calls to the right person using Interactive Voice Response prompts.

60% of customers will only wait on hold for 1 minute before hanging up.

Only 35% will try to call back.

Stop losing business to outdated phone systems.

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Earn More Business with Reliable Phones

Stop losing business to busy lines and long hold times. Updated systems ensure that every caller reaches their destination so you can fulfill every order.

Cut hold times by instantly routing callers to the correct person to make reservations and place orders. Plus, offer automated messages answering common questions to free up your team to manage the next call.

Choose Systems that Grow with Your Business

Connect multiple locations with one unified system. Enjoy long-term flexibility as your business grows and expands. Plus, our simple technology is easy to train new team members on to keep your business up to speed.

Use advanced call analytics to track and plan around your busiest times and access call history to find past caller information.

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Rely on Vonix White Glove Support

Reach our in-house support team when you need help. We know that you don’t have time to wait on hold in endless call trees to get the help you need. That’s why we built our service plans around providing you the help you need to keep your phones on line.

Vonix customers can always reach our in-house team for quick resolutions and hands-on support. Call, email, or use our 24/7 knowledge base to find solutions and create tickets.


Smarter Features for Modern Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars

Prepend Caller ID

Know why your customers are calling when you answer the call.

Call Routing

Get calls to the correct person based on user inputs.

Call Queuing

Answer calls in the order they are received.

Custom Hold Music & Messages

Decrease call drops and keep callers engaged with location-specific messages.

Call Recording & Transcription

Monitor customer service quality and never miss a word.

Day/Night Mode

Send after-hour calls to an custom message automatically.

Online Portal Access

See call history and find numbers of missed or dropped calls.

In-House Support

Call or email Vonix to get help with troubleshooting and training.

Multi-Office Systems

Link multiple locations together to allow direct call transferring.

Upgrade Your Establishment to Better Communication Technology

Plans starting at just $29.99 per line

VoIP phones are an affordable and reliable option for businesses of all sizes. Request a free consultation to find out how Vonix phone solutions can work for your restaurant.

With extensive features and easy-to-use mobile applications, you’ll save time while providing your customers with even better service.

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