Property Phone Systems

Connect multi-family properties together with smart VoIP features for property management teams.

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Property Phone Systems

Connect multi-family properties together with smart VoIP features for property management teams.

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Property management companies need to connect teams across locations with residents, vendors, contractors, and more. Cut out extra services and simplify communication by upgrading your VoIP phone services.

Access and Monitor All Properties on One System

Use one communication system provider to consolidate support, simplify billing, and empower management.

Manage your Properties from a Smartphone

Handle calls from anywhere, and let residents communicate with management through calls or text to the main number.

Get Customizable After Hours Alerts for Emergencies

Automatically forward emergency requests to on-call maintenance through text, emails, or voicemail alerts.

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All Your Properties on One System

No more confusing and disjointed systems. Simplify training, onboarding, and coverage by only having one phone system across every property. Your team will have just one company to reach out to for support, while your accounts team will only have one statement with all the services for every location. It’s easy to expand and add on new lines or locations at any time.

Best of all, you’ll have insight into every location’s call analytics in one easy-to-use dashboard. Get advanced reporting of call volume, history, and more at a glance.

Robust Features to Replace Extra Systems

Eliminate third party services with all-in-one solutions. Replace after-hours call centers with custom messages and voicemail systems. For emergencies, set up text and email alerts when a new message comes through.

We also offer analog lines for parking gates, pools, security, and elevators so you’ll only need one service to cover all your property communication needs.

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Get Flexible Text and Mobile Features

Never miss a call, even when you’re away. We know the importance of answering every call to earn new residents and keep current ones happy. No matter where you are on the property, you’ll always have access to your business phone line on your mobile device. Make and take calls and texts from anywhere with the softphone and communication apps.

Don’t lose access to records because people use their cell phones while away from a desk phone. With the Vonix app, you’ll be able to access all the desk phone features through any mobile device.


Smarter Features for Property Managers

Custom After Hours Messages

Eliminate after-hours call centers with location-specific messages.

Prepend Caller ID

Know why your residents are calling when you answer the call.

Call Routing

Get calls to leasing, maintenance, and more based on user inputs.

Call Queuing

Answer calls in the order they are received.

Call Recording & Transcription

Monitor customer service quality and never miss a word.

Day/Night Mode

Send after-hour calls to your custom message automatically every day.

Online Portal Access

See call history and data reporting for every phone line at every property.

In-House Support

Call or email Vonix to get help with troubleshooting and training.

Multi-Office Systems

Link multiple properties together to allow direct call transferring and get simpler billing.

Upgrade Your Properties to Better Communication Technology

Plans starting at just $29.99 per line

VoIP phones are an affordable and reliable option for businesses of all sizes. Request a free consultation to find out how Vonix phone solutions can make every employee’s day easier at your properties.

With extensive features and easy-to-use mobile applications, you’ll save time while providing your residents with even better service.

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