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Upgraded Hardware

Choose and customize our reliable and affordable business media phones for clearer calls.

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Manage calls from your mobile device so you don’t have to be tied to your desk.

61% of people still prefer to call a business during the buying process. Don’t let busy signals and outdated hardware keep you from engaging with callers.

Cloud Phone Features for Modern Business

Prepend Caller ID

Know why your clients are calling when you answer the call.

Call Routing

Get calls to the correct person based on user inputs.

Call Queuing

Answer calls in the order they are received.

Custom Hold Music & Messages

Decrease call drops and keep callers engaged with timely messages.

Call Recording & Transcription

Monitor customer service quality and never miss a word.

Day/Night Mode

Send night and weekend calls to an after-hours message automatically.

Online Portal Access

See call history and find numbers of missed or dropped calls.

In-House Support

Call or email Vonix to get help with troubleshooting and training.

Multi-Office Systems

Link multiple locations together to allow direct call transferring.

Your Key to Connecting with Customers

Every business needs phones, but they don’t have to all be the same. Choose cloud VoIP phones with the features that help your team work smarter and stay connected.

Whether you need 2 or 200 phones, we have smart plans that fit businesses of all sizes. With hands-on installation and training, you’ll be up and running in no time.

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We know that changing your business’ phone system is a big decision. Find the answers to the most common questions we get or contact us to learn how our services will work for your company.

A cloud-based business phone system is a business phone system that is hosted on cloud servers, not on onsite equipment at your office. Similar to services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, online accounting platforms, cloud-based business phone systems are the standard for professional offices.

Yes! When you sign up for service, we will ask you to enter the phone numbers you want to keep, and we’ll do the porting for you.

Average porting takes 7-10 business days if all information provided (business name, address, contact info) is correct.

No! We can install your phones and get your service up and running before the number ports. We’ll simply forward your current number to your new system and your number will port seamlessly on the backend.

You can order phones and service seamlessly through our website or over the phone. Once we get your completed order, we can install as quickly as 2-3 days.

It depends. If you already have great, quality, digital hardware such as Polycom phones, you don’t need to get new phones. We will just reset your phones and register them to work with our service. If you don’t have quality, digital hardware, you’ll need to get new phones. But good news! We have a number of ways you can get new hardware without breaking the bank.

We support Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, and Yealink phones if you already have them. All we need is the MAC address (number on the back of the phone) and a factory reset. Please note that we do not provide a guarantee for phones not purchased through Vonix.

No! Our service is month-to-month, so you can activate or deactivate phones from your system at any time. You receive your bill prior to the start of the next service month, and you can make changes for the next month up through the 30/31st. Bills are due on the first of the month.

Yes! Just provide us with the Static IP address of your new location, then you can plug in your existing equipment in your new location. No complicated setup required. Want someone to come onsite? No problem. Vonix provides free secondary installations, moves and changes.

Yes! We provide a one year, full warranty on all hardware purchased new through Vonix.

Many providers are moving away from contracts. It’s worth a call to double check if there is actually a contract on your service. Even if so, give us a call, we may have some options to help you.

The only thing you need apart from our services is an internet connection with a Static IP address. Don’t have internet yet? Let us know. We have bundles available.

Digital calls use very little bandwidth. Depending on the number of phones on your system, you may not need much bandwidth. (The important thing is that you have a Vonix router in place that prioritizes phone calls over your general internet traffic to keep those calls crystal clear.)

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