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Better Calling & Communication with Vonix

If you have outdated phone systems or are relying on landlines for your business calling, you’re missing out on modern features and better technology. Cloud solutions provide higher quality calls, more reliable service, and is configurable to fit the unique needs of your business. We are happy to work with small businesses, contact centers, and enterprise accounts.

Industry Expertise

30+ years experience

Choose a company with decades of experience in communication technology to provide the best service, support, and solutions.

Modern Flexibility

Connect wherever you go

Use your mobile device to make and take calls from your business number from wherever you are.

Superior Service

In-House, every day

Get help via phone, email, or online. We’ll help with your issue or send someone onsite. When you contact us, you’ll get a person – not a robot.

Updated Hardware

Reliable phones & more

Set your team up for success. Boost productivity and service with more lines and a simple interface.

Better Communication Services for Business

Business Voice

Every Vonix customer accesses VoIP features like unlimited North America calling, call routing PBX features, voicemail to email, call analytics, in-house support and more!

Multi-Site Integration

Connect all your business locations with updated cloud solutions. Transfer calls between locations, set up advanced ring groups, and never miss a call.


Configure up to 10 conference rooms with 25 participants each to bring your company’s communication together. It’s easy to connect with your team or train your clients.

Remote Access

Use our softphone app to make calls from your business number and access advanced features using your mobile device from anywhere with an internet connection.

Redundancy & Failover

Choose service you can rely on. All our systems include backup connections so that in the case of an internet outage, you stay connected to your customers.

Enterprise Level Services

Does your business have over 50 users? Need advanced features like worldwide calling or call transcription? Work with one of our specialists to create a custom plan.

Choose Smarter Business Phone Service

Plans start at just $24.99 per seat.

Digital phones are an affordable and reliable option for businesses of all sizes. From one phone to 100, we can find a plan that suits your business.

With extensive features and easy integrations into your CRM and other technologies, you’ll save time while providing your customers with even better service. Why wait?

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Updated Calling with Features You’ll Love

Handle calls more efficiently and give customers a professional response every time they call. Many small businesses want to appear bigger than they are to help instill confidence in new customers. Larger companies need a way to manage calls quickly and efficiently.

With an updated phone system, you can route calls to the correct department and set up other features that help your team handle calls more professionally. Whether you have two employees or 200, with the right features you can elevate your company’s communication.

Features Included with Vonix Premium Service:

smiling man in office with phone headset

IVR: Interactive Voice Response & Call Routing

Route the incoming calls to the right department, alleviating manual call transfers. The person answering the call will be well-informed about the caller’s needs before they even pick up, and you’ll improve customer satisfaction with quick call resolutions.

Voicemail to Text and Email

Missed a call? Get a head start on answering the next one with simple voicemail to email or text. Get a text transcription of every voicemail, including the phone number it came from. It’s easy to forward to others. That means no more messages written on sticky notes.

Unlimited Lines

Set up separate phone numbers that can ring to an individual or a group. Then you can provide customers a direct line to departments like billing or customer service. You’ll be prepared to answer and manage the call, and your customer will be happy to avoid another menu.

Custom Hold Music & Recordings

Inform customers on hold of features, specials, and helpful information with custom recordings. Or, keep them on the line with a selection of non-intrusive hold music. Your callers will be more likely to wait on the line when they’re being kept in the loop.

Call Recording

Ensure that every customer is getting the best service by using call recording to train and improve employee performance. Plus, capture missed details and have a record of every conversation to get the full picture of a customer’s experience.

Toll Free Number

Make it easy for customers to call you by eliminating any barriers that may be keeping them from calling you. Every Vonix customer gets a toll-free number, helping you to look more established, trustworthy, and legitimate.

Auto Attendant

With customized menus and message greetings, your business will provide a more professional first contact with your callers. Also known as a virtual receptionist, auto attendant ensures that every call is answered so you don’t lose business.

Online Fax/E-Fax

Send and receive faxes through your internet connection easily and quickly. You can even take a photo on your mobile device and fax it right to the recipient. Plus, get your faxes via email – no more phone lines or bulky and outdated machines.

Make the Switch to Unified Communications

Vonix offers the features you need to manage your company. With our cloud PBX phone systems, you’ll be able to keep employees and customers connected to provide better service and earn more revenue.

Find the right plan for your company or let us help you build one. It just takes a few minutes to find out the best features for your business. Check out our packages to see exactly what you’ll get and to build your own instant quote.

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