In our Customer Spotlight series, Vonix customers share their ambitions, experiences, and achievements, and how they have partnered with Vonix to maximize their business communication.

Frustrated by poor customer service and slow response time from his previous phone provider, Jorge Martinez, owner and CEO of fourteen Estrella Insurance franchises in Central Florida, made the switch to Vonix in 2020. He shares how Vonix has been a “game-changer” for his company, offering customized phone integrations, fantastic customer support, and a lower price point.

“We call in, it’s very personalized and they get stuff done for us. Before, it was tough to even get customer support on the phone,” Jorge says. “ The product itself is fantastic. It is such an improvement from what we were using before.”

Estrella Insurance: A Star in Florida’s Insurance Industry

Estrella Insurance was founded over 40 years ago by Cuban immigrant Nicolas Estrella to provide insurance solutions for immigrant families in Florida. Estrella Insurance grew to over 40 corporate locations before offering franchising opportunities in 2008, which has expanded to 175+ locations across the U.S. The company prides itself in providing budget-friendly coverage to their customers, with personalized service and bilingual expertise. Geared especially toward immigrant families, they offer complete insurance protection for auto, home, and life.

In 2014, Jorge Martinez and his brother began franchising Estrella Insurance offices across Central Florida. In only eight years, they opened 14 branches in Orlando and Tampa and are still expanding. Jorge expresses confidence in the coming growth of their business and community, “Our goal for the next five years is to grow. We want to grow the brand and be able to serve more customers. We want to get to little towns that don’t have many insurance options and open up the market.”

Estrella is able to personally welcome customers with open arms and work individually with the needs of families. Serving the local community is everything, and Jorge wants to ensure that people have access to insurance with equal opportunity, even in smaller communities.

Explosive growth isn’t easy, though. It requires streamlined processes and support at every level of the business. Jorge comments, “Time is the most important thing for the executives on this team. And Vonix has been able to streamline that.”

Vonix was a “game-changer”

Jorge switched to Vonix in 2020, looking for a better solution for his company’s daily communication needs. Vonix was able to provide custom integrations with their customer management software, which instantly retrieves records when a customer calls in. This saves Estrella agents time and improves sales, customer service, and handling times. Vonix includes many custom integrations free of charge, so the Estrella offices were able to save money and improve their processes simultaneously. Vonix’s price point was what attracted the CEO’s attention. He explains, “Vonix’s pricing offered a better deal. Considering time and our growth goals, we were looking to cut costs while not compromising quality.”

Vonix offers flexibility in choosing business phone plans. Vonix can normally meet or beat current rates and provide features that are unavailable from other providers, such as softphone apps, group-managed texting, web chat handling, and customized call integrations. For Jorge Martinez’s fourteen offices, this was the perfect solution that met the budget with all the modern tools.

A fantastic product with personalized support

For Estrella Insurance, the benefits of switching to Vonix went beyond reducing costs. Vonix’s customer support is at the top of the list. Jorge has been delighted by the level of support his offices receive. “We call in, it’s very personalized and they get stuff done for us. Before, it was tough to even get customer support on the phone,” Jorge says “ The product itself is fantastic. It is such an improvement from what we were using before.”

Now, Jorge’s Estrella Insurance offices are using the most modern technology available with Vonix’s calling, texting, and chat platform. They have improved efficiency and customer handling through smart integrations that save time and money.

Modern businesses require advanced technology, and Estrella Insurance is no exception. The right phone system has paid off exponentially. For Estrella Insurance, Vonix offered the right combination of technology, personalized support, and custom options at the price point they needed to achieve growth to the stars.

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