In our Customer Spotlight series, Vonix customers share their ambitions, experiences, and achievements, and how they have partnered with Vonix to maximize their business communication.

Staying connected across 20 Locations

This spotlight features 3CM Multifamily, a property management group with locations all over Texas. Since 2016, 3CM has worked to bring “the good life” to their tenants by providing a great rental experience from a tight-knit management team.

3CM made the decision to partner with Vonix when their employee growth skyrocketed 540% and their portfolio of properties expanded across Texas. Prior to Vonix, phone admin was a nightmare. Each property had a different phone system, and easy, accessible support was non-existent. Vonix centralized their phone management, consolidated billing, and seamlessly interconnected their properties. Now, anytime they bring on a new property, phone setup is a breeze, with just a quick call to the Vonix team.

The “Good Life” for Employees and Residents

3CM Multifamily is devoted to employee development, an investment-in-people that yields knowledgeable experts for investors and warm, welcoming connections for residents. “We are dedicated to nurturing relationships, providing a personal touch in communication – overall providing award-winning customer experiences,” remarks Jana Simmons, the business director for 3CM. Vonix helps the 3CM to provide top customer experiences for everyone involved with the company.

3CM understands the importance of peer-to-peer support and accountability in the expansive, fast growing property management industry. One employee, Sharoya Hall, remarks, “I love that we are able to assess our staff. It is so important to know who your employers are, and how you can work with them. I feel appreciated every single day.” Vonix has helped 3CM nurture their team by connecting everyone at locations all across Texas on a centralized talk, text, and chat platform.

Filling in the gaps

Before Vonix, 3CM faced a huge challenge of staying in touch and organizing communication for spread-out employees. Since using the Vonix phone platform, it is no longer a worry. Management can access centralized reports, analytics, call tracking, recording, and chat across 20+ locations from a centralized portal on any device. And any 3CM employee can reach Vonix for support immediately through simply dialing 611.

Jana Simmons remarks that Vonix has allowed them to “fill in the gaps” in their communications. With text, phone or email alerts, the 3CM property managers can stay on top of urgent needs, saving time and providing immediate support to residents. Not only that, Vonix helps create a sense of connection with the team regardless of where they are physically located.

Sharoya uses Vonix to communicate with her colleagues across the state all day long. She easily handles calls and messages among their multiple locations. “Vonix is extremely helpful, and I like that it is an app. It’s so user-friendly!” Sharoya explains. With 80% of the employees spread across 20+ locations, Vonix is a necessity to stay organized and ensure that communication remains a top-priority.

Providing the tools to work smarter

3CM handles thousands of calls and messages each week. Staying up-to-date with communications is critical. Luckily, the Vonix platform helps employees and managers to navigate the constant flow of conversations. Employees are happy, and customers are well-tended. “We really try to make sure that we invest in what is beneficial to the business. We are firm believers in working smarter, and not harder.” says Shayora. “This company plays to employee strengths. We must provide all the tools needed to be successful.” Thankfully, 3CM has found the right communication partner to help achieve this goal.

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