Choosing a new business phone system is a big decision. A cloud phone system upgrade can pay off dividends in both time and money. But not all cloud business phone providers are equal when it comes to customer experience. A qualified, onsite installation can make the difference between a smooth transition and a frustrating maze of glitches and potential downtime. An experienced, local company can help minimize issues and get your business up and running smoothly.

Comparing National and Local Phone Companies

National cloud phone companies can have some great benefits, such as more advanced features and third-party integrations. You can sometimes sync call data into tools you use like Office 365 or Salesforce. The features are impressive, but can often be over-complicated for a small to medium-sized business. This leads to many businesses paying for technology they don’t need.

National cloud phone companies also will not be able to provide onsite installation, service or support. Many do offer 24/7 phone support through a call center. However, the initial setup and onsite support will rely more heavily on you or your IT person. This can result in additional costs that should be factored into the overall price of the system.

Local companies tend to be smaller with more hands-on service and support. The access to complex integrations may not be available, and the price point may be slightly higher due to the level of service provided. However, choosing a local business phone provider will mean more hands-on service and fewer headaches. A free onsite installation can help identify network issues that would affect call quality and proactively address them. And a local company’s technicians will often assist with solving local network-related problems, saving you money in IT costs.

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What to Look for in a Local Phone Company

Support Capability

Make sure to choose a local company with multiple support personnel and a good reputation. Basic VoIP is easy to deploy, so it is common to find very small local companies or IT professionals who are offering a VoIP service. Be aware that they may not have the expertise or the workforce to adequately support your business. When choosing a company, make sure you understand the level of support being provided and what to expect when you need something.


Online Reviews can be a good place to start when researching a local company. Capterra is a reliable source for reviews because they screen every review to ensure it comes from a real customer. Google Business Reviews can also be helpful. Google verifies a business’ location and information through their local business listing service. This can help ensure that a local company is indeed located in your area. Check out the reviews for Vonix on Capterra and on Google Business.

Researching a new business phone system can be daunting. There can be hundreds of options to choose from. VoIP comparison websites or tech reviews can be a helpful place to start. However, these sources normally include only national providers. It’s smart to include your city and state when searching for more local options. You may find a great company right around the corner.

Vonix is a local provider servicing the state of Florida. Check out our hardware included plans here.