One of the biggest frustrations for business owners are call quality issues. When you and your customers have a hard time hearing one another, it can make a simple phone call aggravating. Because VoIP phones depend on your internet connection, the answer probably lies in a network issue, not the hardware. Follow these steps to get crystal clear calls and improve call quality at your business.

1. Check Your Internet

If your issue is sudden, there could be an internet outage causing the problem. The first step is always to reboot your internet modem. The next step is to check with your internet service provider (ISP) to see if there are any known issues or recent updates that could be affecting your calling. However, if your problems are ongoing or you feel like your call quality should be better, then you may be facing an internet speed or quality problem.

With VoIP, your audio calls are converted into data called “packets.” The packets are then transmitted through the internet to the receiver. Carrying voice packets over the internet is different from carrying other kinds of internet data, and your ISP must use a different set of protocols to effectively transmit the voice packets. When shopping for your company’s internet provider, be sure to choose a plan that specifically offers Business Class High Speed Internet.

2. Upgrade Your Router

Are you using a router purchased from a regular consumer retail store? How long have you owned it? Routers designed for home use can only sustain about 3 or fewer VoIP phones before you’ll notice a substantial loss in quality. Plus, it will be affected by other internet activity. For instance, if you’re on a call but someone else on your network starts using a large amount of bandwidth (like streaming), then your call quality will suffer.

The solution is to get a router that is specifically made to work with VoIP systems. A VoIP router will prioritize the voice packets mentioned above so your calls are consistently clear. Depending on the size of your office, you can find a good VoIP router for $300-$1,000. It’s a small investment for a large improvement in call quality.

3. Update Your Hardware

Business phones have come a long way over the last decade with substantial improvements in both ease of use and call quality. Switching from a landline to a VoIP device was the first step in ensuring clearer calls. Now, upgrading your hardware can help make them even better. With HD voice, you’ll never miss a word from your customers and they’ll be able to hear you loud and clear.

For companies with large open spaces, you can choose to add headsets that are able to extend your reach and eliminate background noises. And for those that need to make conference calls, advancements in conference speaker phones means no more echos or sound interference.


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