In our Customer Spotlight series, Vonix customers share their ambitions, experiences, and achievements, and how they have partnered with Vonix to maximize their business communication.

Restorative Pros’ expeditious success was weighed down by a costly, disjointed business phones that hampered their ability to work and grow as a team. Vonix’s centralized cloud VoIP platform was the perfect solution. Their success story reveals the impact of the right tools to invest in customer service and uninterrupted access to those who matter most.

Restorative Pros: Central Florida’s Helping Hand

Property damage is a familiar topic to residential and commercial property owners in Florida. Hurricanes alone cause over an estimated $15.4 billion worth of damages per year in Florida. A dependable, professional remediation company is critical for property owners when adverse weather causes emergency damage. Restorative Pros comes to the rescue of Central Floridians each year with their responsive, dedicated team.

Based in Central Florida, Restorative Pros began as a consulting business in 2011, run by Carlos Medina. In 2017, Medina decided to invest his time into performing property restoration himself, with over fifteen years of restoration experience in his back pocket. Carlos partnered with his wife Crystal, a talented entrepreneur. Together they achieved rapid growth by prioritizing attentive customer service and excellent work.

“We strive to make our customers happy by providing a seamless process in a very chaotic situation,” says Crystal. Through a team of knowledgeable employees, Restorative Pros offers peace of mind to their clients as they navigate the options of restoration. Their proficiency in the field has paved the way to rightful recognition.

Restorative Pros is on the path to local stardom. They have won three consecutive “Expertise Awards,” as well as awards for best mold remediation, fire restoration, and water damage restoration. “It was nice to know that we were able to earn the awards from honest work,” Crystal says.

Their ‘honest work’ goes beyond physical restoration. The team’s knowledge extends to financing and other technicalities that come with disaster recovery. Every element of the remediation process, including insurance billing, is taken care of in-house. Each customer has the opportunity to follow along in every step of the process.

“We wanted to provide a ‘one-stop shot.’ When a customer calls us, we are able to handle their file from start to finish,” Crystal remarks, calling their services “transparent.” Customers do not need to communicate with other professionals, such as plumbers or construction workers. The qualified RPI team does it all. Always keeping the client up to date.

Weighed down by costly, cumbersome business phone lines

Engrossed in almost overnight success, Restorative Pros went the route of providing cell phones to each employee, with no centralized system for handling business calls, texts, or team chat. The costly phone system that lacked cohesion and functionality drove Carlos and Crystal to look for a better option. That’s when they discovered Vonix. They quickly realized that not only did the Vonix Flex platform bring together all the functionality they needed, it also cost significantly less than their cell-phone-only solution. They made the switch right away.

Ditching the cell phones proved immediately beneficial. “We were able to cut our bill down by about half the price,” Crystal notes.

“I wish I would have found Vonix sooner!”

Crystal was delighted by the Vonix platform’s management capabilities. With the ‘call playback’ and ‘call analytics’ features, she could effectively train and monitor her employees in the field. “My employees are definitely using business texting on their mobile devices, and also using [Flex] on the desktop,” she says. With Vonix, she and her team have been able to finely tune their communication, further improving the excellent service offered to their customers.

“It brought everything together,” says Crystal, regarding Vonix. “We are able to provide a more professional appearance to our customers, and have been able to keep everything uniform.” She goes on to note, “Call forwarding, in house, we couldn’t do that before! Having that ability, oh my gosh, a world of difference. And, they get music! I didn’t have that before!” She loves that her customers can be transferred immediately, from any device, instead of waiting for a call back – even to and from field personnel.

With twenty-four employees, organization is vital to a job well done for Restorative Pros. Crystal remarks, “If I check the Vonix portal at noon, I’m already through five pages of call and message history. It’s not only conversations with customers; it’s in-house calls. It’s constant movement, all day long.” Since working with Vonix, Crystal notices that her process flows have improved dramatically, with visibility across her organization.

“I call, and I always get somebody”

For Crystal, it is helpful to know that she can count on swift customer support from her phone service provider. Having suffered through hours on the phone with her previous phone provider, Vonix has been a breath of fresh air. Vonix offers a fantastic level of customer support and response times. No need to wait on hold with an impersonal call center. Needless to say, customer service is a prime motivator for Restorative Pros. With Vonix, they have been able to seamlessly communicate with their clients in chaotic and urgent situations. And get the support they need as a business.

Hearing from local businesses like Carlos and Crystal Medina’s Restorative Pros is a great reminder of why the right phone platform is a non-negotiable for successful businesses.

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