Not all desk phones are created equally. You need to choose phones that fit the features you need and the number of users you have. But, when shopping for phones you might have noticed that they all kind of look the same. That’s why we’re breaking down our most common user types to help you choose.

Note: Vonix is a Polycom reseller because we think it’s the best equipment for the right price. We’ve tried other systems and these are our favorites. While our phone services can work with other hardware, companies often end up switching to Polycom. That’s why we’re recommending their phones below.

Polycom VVX 250 Phone

The “Do I Really Need a Phone?” Type

Our pick: Polycom VVX 250 – $129 or $7/month

We see you, tech and marketing. Couldn’t that phone call be an email? Luckily for our barely-users, they can get voicemails transcribed to email so they never even have to check their voicemail box.

For the user that doesn’t really want to have a phone, try the Polycom VVX 250. Its color LCD screen looks similar to the higher level phones, but without the bells and whistles they don’t really need. It includes 4 programmable line keys and the ability to transfer in-call to someone who’s a little better at talking on the phone.

VVX 250 Business IP Phone

  • 2.8” color LCD screen (320x 240 pixel resolution)
  • 4 line keys
  • 4 soft keys
  • In-call keys: call transfer and hold
  • Illuminated audio keys
  • HD audio
  • 1 USB port
  • 2x Gig-E ports

Plantronics CS510 Headset The “Always On” Type

Our pick: Polycom VVX 501 – $169 or $10/month
+ Plantronics CS 510 headset – $259

For those sales, service, and support roles that are on the phone all day, every day, you need a reliable solution to keep them connected. The Polycom VVX 501 and Polycom VVX 601 both offer high call clarity with extensive integrations. If you’re in a smaller office or don’t need features like video call integration, then the more budget-friendly Polycom VVX 350 is also a solid pick.

Employees who are always on the phone usually prefer to use a wireless headset, freeing up their hands to type and letting them sit in a more comfortable position. The VVX 350 and all models above it are compatible with USB headset systems. Try the Plantronics CS 510 over-the-head headset which provides up to 9 hours of talk time from up to 350 feet away from your desk. The lightweight design includes background noise cancelling technology and one-touch controls to start and end calls.

VVX 501 Business Media Phone

  • 3.5” Color, Touch Screen
  • Up to 12 lines or programmable quick keys
  • Immersive capacitive touch UI
  • Streaming media video playback
  • Video conferencing via external USB cam (coming post FCS)
  • Full Browser (Webkit)
  • HD Voice up to 14KHz on all audio paths (Speaker, Handset, Headset)
  • 2 x Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • 2 x USB 2.0 host
  • “Green” – low power
  • Hard Keys: 12-key keypad, home, speaker, mute, volume, headset
  • Supports expansion modules
  • Headset and Accessories: RJ9 wired headsets, Wireless connectivity via electronic hook-switch, read headset, Tech bulletin
  • USB-wired headsets
  • Wireless USB headsets
Plantronics CS 510 Monaural Wireless Headset

  • Manage desk phone calls up to 350 feet
  • Wideband audio and noise-canceling microphone provide clearer conversations
  • Over-the-head wearing style
  • One-touch call answer/end, mute, and volume adjust for simple call management
  • Up to nine hours of battery life on one charge; adaptive power system helps conserve battery life
  • Use with included Electronic Hookswitch Cable to remotely answer/end desk phone calls

Polycom D230 Cordless Phone

The “Can’t Sit Still” Type

Our pick: Polycom VVX D230 – $215

Need a phone for the one that’s always on the run? For those who can’t seem to stay near their phone, the Polycom VVX D230 is a perfect solution. You can say goodbye to missed calls with this handset, which stays connected up to 165 feet from its base. Snap on the belt clip and your on-the-go friend will always be close to their phone.

Alternatively, for fast-moving businesses that need the flexibility to grab a call and get to the next room, this handset also can mount to a wall. Place it in a high traffic area so whoever’s available can grab a call when needed.

Polycom VVX D230 Wireless SIP Phone

  • Indoor wireless range: up to 50m (165ft) from the base
  • Outdoor wireless range: up to 300m (980ft) from the base
  • 2″ TFT color backlit display
  • 10/100 PoE Base station with pass-through
  • Supports up to 10 cordless handsets per base station
  • Supports up to 8 lines, 8 simultaneous calls
  • Wall mountable, with optional belt clip available
  • Support for HD Voice (G.722)
  • Low-delay audio packet transmission
  • Adaptive jitter buffers and packet loss concealment
  • Dedicated 2.5mm headsets port (ext 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter)
  • Full-duplex speakerphone operation with acoustic echo cancellation and background noise suppression

SoundStation IP 6000 The “Let’s Huddle Up” Type

Our pick: Polycom Soundstation IP 5000 – $599

Maybe we need a quick confab on this one. For those who want to get the team together, equip spaces in your office with a Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 conference phone. You’ll be able to dial into conferencing programs and join multiple people in one room with other callers. The patented Polycom technology lets every voice get heard with distinct clarity.

As an added bonus: do you have the restless leg employee in on the meeting? No worries – the IP 5000 picks up sound up to 7 feet away from the base. If you have a mid-large sized conference room, try the SoundStation IP 6000 for the best call clarity for more than 6 speakers.

Polycom IP 5000 Conference Phone

  • Polycom HD Voice technology makes your conference calls sound amazingly clear and bring life to the room
  • Patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology delivers the best IP conference phone experience with no compromises
  • The microphone picks up voice up to seven feet (2-meters) away and its compact footprint is designed for executive offices and a small conference room, with up to six participants
  • It is the most feature-rich family of IP conference phones available, with advanced call handing, security, and provisioning features
  • Its compatibility with a broad array of SIP call platforms means it maximizes HD voice quality and feature availability while simplifying management and administration
  • The high-resolution display enables robust call status, on-board configurability, and multi-language support
  • It comes with Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation. An optional AC Power Kit is also available
  • It resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices while delivering clear voice conferencing without distractions

The “Front Lines” Type

Our pick: Polycom VVX 450 – $189 or $12/month

For your superstar receptionist or the person who gets all the questions, the Polycom VVX 450 can’t be beat for high-use callers. In addition to the Acoustic Fence and Voice Clarity technology, the built-in HD Voice system provides excellent call quality for your people on the front lines.

Best of all, the VVX 450 comes standard with 12 programmable keys, but can be expanded up to a whopping 38 keys with the VVX EM50 Expansion Module. The additional keys make transferring calls and managing workflows and transferring calls a breeze with less room for mistakes.

VVX 250 Business IP Phone

  • 4.3” color LCD (480×272 pixel resolution)
  • 12 line keys
  • 4 soft keys
  • In-call keys: call transfer, hold and voicemail
  • Illuminated audio keys
  • HD audio
  • 2 USB ports (rear and side)
  • 2x Gig-E ports

One Phone for Everyone

Our best phone hardware pick: Polycom VVX 450

Keep in mind that not all users have to have the same phone. We often see that a front office or reception desk may need more buttons for extension shortcuts while other users don’t even need a USB port for attachments. Review your current employees’ use cases to not overbuy while also giving everyone what they need.

polycom-vvx-450 However, it may sometimes make sense pricewise to get all your team members one unit type if the bulk price is better. If you want to keep training and everyday use simple, then you may want to choose one phone for everyone to use. If this is the case, then we suggest the best all-around phone: the Polycom VVX 450.

On its own, the VVX 450 is easy to use and provides all the shortcuts and transferring options you could need. But, it’s also compatible with the key expansion module and wireless headsets, letting you use one model but provide the features individual users need.

Choose the Right Phones for Your Office

Need help picking the best hardware for your team? Browse our hardware options or let us help you decide!