Did you know that 76% of consumers don’t like talking to businesses on the phone? The average customer is more tech-savvy than ever, and the way they interact with your business needs to reflect that. 85% percent of consumers want to be able to communicate with a business via text message. With that said, most companies don’t have a VoIP platform capable of easily handling both SMS and MMS messaging.

That’s why Vonix has introduced Flex – the best business MMS messaging platform available. Flex allows your team members the ability to handle SMS and MMS messages from your business number(s) right inside a team chat platform. Your customers can send pictures, videos, audio, and SMS messages directly to your business, and those messages can be visible to your whole team or selected departments. And Flex is app-based, meaning it can be used from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

How Flex differs from other business texting

You may have seen other business texting solutions, or it may already be offered as a feature by your VoIP provider. However, no other business messaging platform allows a business to send and receive SMS and MMS messages while while managing them as a group.

The business texting feature with other VoIP providers is extremely limited. Other business VoIP providers only allow you to send/receive one-to-one SMS messages. This means that the message history and communication is limited to that one person in your company who is handling it. And if that person is not available, important messages may be missed entirely. Not to mention, the message history is not viewable to management or other team members.

Flex solves this problem through its group-managed messaging function. Incoming SMS or MMS messages come into a queue which is viewed by all the members of your team you select to manage that queue. This means that a customer can text your main business number, and anyone in your company can pick up that message from any device. And managers can view all the conversations in real time.

Once a message is picked up by a team member, that message can then be transferred to another team member or department or even returned to the queue. Team members can leave internal notes on the message history, without your customer seeing the internal notes. Then, the message history can be exported and attached to a customer’s account in a CRM, so you maintain a full record of the conversation.

Why businesses need MMS messaging

Customers need to be able to interact with your business through whatever means they want. Your business should be able to send and receive pictures, video, and audio messages in the context of the customer communication. Imagine you are messaging back and forth with a customer about a support issue. They want to send you a picture or video of what is happening. With Flex, you can have a full-blown message conversation which include pictures and video. No longer do you need to ask your customers to email in a picture or video, they can message it directly to your business number. You can view it in real time, in the context of the full messaging history.

Pairing with internal chat for more productivity

For businesses using another team messaging platform like Slack, Flex takes it to the next level. Flex includes all of the team chat functionality you need, including channels, groups, direct messages, integrations, and file sharing. Your team can collaborate and chat while simultaneously handling external customer messages on one platform. And the team chat feature is always included with Flex.

Using MMS with Business VoIP

It’s important that your messaging platform and VoIP service are on the same provider. You won’t want to have multiple apps or to use different phone numbers for texting and business calling. Flex includes Vonix premium business VoIP service and a full, cloud-based business phone system. This means that all your business numbers can be used either with VoIP calling and SMS / MMS messaging through Flex. And as always, Vonix premium business VoIP service includes white glove support.

MMS communication is more important than ever, and businesses must have an easy, efficient way to handle conversations.

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