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Switch to a business phone solution you can rely on. With simple cloud phone technology, you can get access to features that save time and help you work smarter. Enjoy visual voicemail to text or email, smart call routing, professional transfers and more.

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A cloud-based business phone system is a business phone system that is hosted on cloud servers, not on onsite equipment at your office. Similar to services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, online accounting platforms, cloud-based business phone systems are the standard for professional offices.

Nearly all phone service is digital in this day and age. Digital call quality is superior to analog and doesn’t require copper wiring that can corrode or degrade call clarity. Digital phones run through your local office network and don’t require extra, bulky equipment.

Yes! When you sign up for service, we will ask you to enter the phone numbers you want to keep, and we’ll do the porting for you.

Average porting takes 7-10 business days if all information provided (business name, address, contact info) is correct.

No! We can install your phones and get your service up and running before the number ports. We’ll simply forward your current number to your new system and your number will port seamlessly on the backend.

You can order phones and service seamlessly through our website or over the phone. Once we get your completed order, we can install as quickly as 2-3 days.

It depends. If you already have great, quality, digital hardware such as Polycom phones, you don’t need to get new phones. We will just reset your phones and register them to work with our service. If you don’t have quality, digital hardware, you’ll need to get new phones. But good news! We have a number of ways you can get new hardware without breaking the bank.

We support Polycom, Cisco, and Grandstream phones if you already have them. All we need is the MAC address (number on the back of the phone) and a factory reset. Please note that we do not provide a guarantee for phones not purchased through Vonix.

Yes! We provide a one year, full warranty on all hardware purchased new through Vonix.

Your dedicated tech team is only a quick-dial away! Dial 611 from your Vonix phone to be immediately connected to our concierge tech support. And best of all, no talking to call centers or navigating difficult phone trees. When you call us, your account pops up in our system, and we have all your system info right in front of us.

Yes! Our local team of dedicated tech support are happy to come onsite to train your team or help with support. And in the rare case something goes wrong, we are committed to be dispatched within 2 hours of a major outage.

With our Premium plan, you won’t have a contract. Standard plans offer a discount with a 12 month contract. On any plan you can activate or deactivate phones from your system at any time as long as you keep the minimum for your account. You receive your bill prior to the start of the next service month, and you can make changes for the next month up through the 30/31st. Bills are due on the first of the month.

It’s worth a call to double check if there is actually a contract on your service. Many times customers may not realize that their current contract has expired. Even if so, give us a call, we may have some options to help you.

Digital calls use very little bandwidth. Depending on the number of phones on your system, you may not need much bandwidth. (The important thing is that you have a Vonix router in place that prioritizes phone calls over your general internet traffic to keep those calls crystal clear.)

Yes! Just provide us with the Static IP address of your new location, then you can plug in your existing equipment in your new location. No complicated setup required. Want someone to come onsite? No problem. Vonix provides free secondary installations, moves and changes.

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